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Beautiful Blue Skies

I’ve been taking lots of pictures of the sky recently, after weeks of silently savoring it. Before July, the sky had been a boring slate gray in the hot season. It had frustrated me and made me wonder where the blue skies went. How? Well, until about last year, I’d stopped paying attention to nature. I hardly noticed what color the sky was or that the vegetation was browner in the dry season. Then I started paying attention to settings in my writing and wondered why our skies weren’t pretty, why it was a constant dull gray. Was it global warming? etc.

When the rainy season began, it seemed like the world around me transformed. (Which it probably did). The blue skies and emerald green trees now are things I don’t take for granted. I look out the windows each day and just smile over how beautiful they are. Especially knowing that pretty soon the seasons will change and we’ll be back again to the ugly gray skies.

I took these pictures around my estate, which I’ve started to appreciate more too! While I live in a bustling and oft crowded city, my estate lies in a valley and just a walk from the main express. Enjoy! 📸

This shot makes me want to cry. It’s so vibrant!
Yep, that’s my head. I just had to squeeze into this shot cause omg

There’s a hill at the rear of my estate. This is the view from it down to the express. And beyond the express are an untamed area of rolling hills. How I’d ignored this lush beauty for years just beats me!


18 responses to “Beautiful Blue Skies”

  1. beautiful! These things, when we pause to take notice, are really fascinating!


  2. Wonderful shot! Looking excellent 🙂! Thanks for sharing 😊.❣️

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  3. Definitely beautiful shots. My fiancee and I were cloud watching from the deck over the weekend and remembering what fun it was doing so as children.

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    1. Thank you! Cloud watching is lovely 🌸

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  4. Truly beautiful ❤️


  5. How fabulous and lovely these photos are! The blue is poetically vivid . . . ❤

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  6. Beautiful pictures!

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  7. Those are a beauty Lucia. Great shots of the clear blue skies, very refreshing on the mind💯💯👏


  8. Wonderful ! Excellent shot! 👍👍

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